Can aging be cured?

     I wrote about Aubrey de Grey in my book, The New Old. He’s a computer scientist turned biologist, with  a Ph.D. from Cambridge, who is researching – seriously – the idea that aging can be “cured.” His research focuses on dealing with the accumulation of molecules produced by metabolism, and repairing cellular damage. This means, as I understand, accepting the natural processes that are part of aging and then remediating them constantly. There’s a fascinating interview with de Grey in this month’s issue of Zoomer Magazine, which is on the newsstands now. If you’re not a subscriber, you can get more info here.


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. Vice President, Zoomer Media Ltd. . Author of "The New Old" . 30 years experience in marketing communications, advertising, media . Speaker, writer, commentator on the revolution in aging and how to market to Boomers and seniors

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