“Your call is unimportant to us”

A new survey by Consumer Reports confirms that Boomers and seniors are more upset by complicated voice-messaging systems disguised as customer service, than younger customers.

67% of all respondents (so the Boomer/Senior share is even higher) said that on at least one occasion, they had hung up the phone in disgust without having had their problem resolved.

Combine this with the fact that Boomers and seniors account for about 60% of all consumer spending, and you can see that this is a serious problem. It’s amazing – especially in this tough economy – that companies aren’t willing to fix it.


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. Vice President, Zoomer Media Ltd. . Author of "The New Old" . 30 years experience in marketing communications, advertising, media . Speaker, writer, commentator on the revolution in aging and how to market to Boomers and seniors

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