Where are the firemen?

I find it  outrageous that there is apparently no room for the firemen at the 9/11 memorial ceremonies in NYC.

No praying, either.

And way too much navel-gazing about “root causes.”

Is it the curmudgeon in me?

Am I a racist? A bigot? Guilty of Islamophobia?

Or maybe I’m overreacting to what I saw in my recent trip to Israel. Terrorists attacked two buses and a car, killing 8, and then over the course of three days fired over 80 Grad rockets at Israeli communities, causing more deaths and injuries and driving hundreds of thousands into shelters. We sat on the beach at Tel Aviv, sipping our beers, and watched a stream of  Israeli choppers fly south – Gaza is just 40 miles away.  Normal life and war in a vivid – and in some ways, insane – juxtaposition.

Whatever it is, I can’t help thinking that far too much of the 10 year memorializing of 9/11 has been watered down by political correctness.

Mark Steyn nails it perfectly.


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