The forever recession (and the coming revolution)

Seth’s Blog: The forever recession (and the coming revolution).

Seth Godin provides a tremendously interesting and provocative point of view about “job creation.”

At first glance, his thesis would appear to favor the younger generations who are presumably more computer-savvy and are certainly earlier adopters of social media and other interactive tools, than are Boomers or seniors.

But the older generations aren’t far behind. According to a Pew research report, social networking use among the 50-plus population literally doubled between 2009 and 2010. And if the Boomers are able to bring their business skills and experience into a worldwide playing field – one which does not punish their diminished physical strength and mobility, as they age – there is no reason to think they cannot thrive in the coming revolution that Godin envisions.

Read what he says. It’s important, and it will certainly provoke some fresh (and needed) thinking.






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