Another inflammatory headline — Pensions: Harper government pits generations against each other

Pensions: Harper government pits generations against each other –

Age Rage, indeed.

The “war” metaphor is definitely out there – and it seems to be getting stronger and stronger. So I’m hoping there will be a good audience for my upcoming book, Beyond Age Rage: How the boomers and seniors are solving the war of the generations.

In this book, I start off by using the “war” analogy to compare what appear to be two competing “armies” – the boomers and seniors on the one side, the millennials on the other. The comparison shows, quite easily, that the millennials are severely disadvantaged. Not only are they heavily outnumbered, but they’re the product of an educational system that has left them very ill-equipped to deal with the challenges they’re facing. Fortunately – and here’s where the “war” analogy is revealed as a myth – their apparent “enemy” is also their friend. The boomers and seniors, even as they are fighting aggressively (and largely, successfully) to protect their own needs and interests, are also extending a helping hand to the millennials – and not just by writing cheques.

The book is scheduled to be launched at the end of March. I’ll be blogging on this theme more frequently here, and keep readers updated on the exact date and how/where to get a copy. Stay tuned.


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