Giving young people the tools to succeed: a call for action

I’ve had a lot of positive response to Beyond Age Rage so far, and one of the most interesting and constructive ideas came from Toronto real estate broker Marilyn Rothman. Here is what she wrote:

“As a parent and mom of a university-educated son who has job, I see many young people university-educated without the determination and excitement that a lot of us had when we started working fresh out of school. I really think as a group we have to help the young, not by giving them financial aid, but by helping with the tools to succeed.

“Many of us have built solid companies; and many have few to continue the companies’ legacy. I say let’s take an active interest in an internship or mentoring program to bridge the gap. As business people, let’s  try to find new ways of showing how it’s done. I know this is a different world: many of the characteristics like determination, enthusiasm and hope and ambition seem to be falling – not for all kids, but  for many who are out there. Let’s take a collective interest. Start a network with different industries; talk to our alumni department at the university in a hands-on way for those who are interested in getting the help. Another idea would be implementing some practical education at the primary and secondary school level in preparation.”

Marilyn is certainly qualified to offer such mentorship. She is Broker of Record and President of Marilyn Rothman Real Estate Broker Ltd. Her company has assisted many executive tenants and investors in the marketing or leasing of luxury home and condominium residences in upscale Toronto neighborhoods. Marilyn is also an instructor in real estate related topics, and participates in Ontario’s Learning Partnership Employer Registry. Through that program, she often speaks to junior and senior high school students about choosing a career in real estate. So she’s already walking the talk when it comes to reaching out to, and helping, the younger generations.

Check out her website here.

I like Marilyn’s ideas and I encourage you to comment and/or volunteer. Perhaps this blog could serve as a kind of clearing-house for people who want to get involved in pursuing some of the ideas Marilyn has advanced. Who knows – we might be able to build a little network of people who want to do more than just comment on the problems that are out there – but actually try to fix some of them.

Let me know what you think!


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