Will the Internet kill universities?

I have been writing about the higher education bubble — most visible in the USA right now — because it has obvious implications for boomers and seniors who are (a) paying most of the tuition fees and (b) coping with the needs of the millennials who are unable to get jobs even with those hugely expensive degrees behind their names. As I have tried to show in Beyond Age Rage, what’s happening on the university scene matters very much. That’s why this article is so interesting.         PJ Lifestyle » This Is The Way The Higher Education Bubble Ends….

I find the implications very exciting, because it will open up all kinds of exciting new opportunities – not just for the previously under-appreciated adjunct professors, but for Boomers and seniors who may be able to leverage their own education and (more importantly) life experiences into new careers as providers of digital content to the virtual universities of the future. I will continue to keep an eye on this topic – I anticipate a steady stream of new developments that will upset all of our thinking about what universities are, what they teach — and who does the teaching.


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