Robert Reich tells new college grads: ‘You’re f*cked’

ROBERT REICH TO NEW COLLEGE GRADS: ‘You’re F*cked’ – Business Insider.

Robert Reich served as Secretary of Labor under President Bill Clinton, and is now Professor of Public Policy at the Goldman School of Public Policy at the University of California at Berkeley. So he definitely brings a lot of knowledge and experience to this topic. He adds strong evidence (as if more were needed) to the argument that the millennials coming out of university will have to delay many of the traditional milestones of adulthood. And this delay will, in turn, have serious impact on boomers and seniors (who are, as I show in my new book, Beyond Age Rage, picking up much of the tab).


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. Vice President, Zoomer Media Ltd. . Author of "The New Old" . 30 years experience in marketing communications, advertising, media . Speaker, writer, commentator on the revolution in aging and how to market to Boomers and seniors

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