I’ll be co-hosting ideacity webcast June 13-15 – register now

I’m honored to have been invited to co-host the webcast of the this year’s ideacity conference, June 13-15. There’s nothing like this conference – 50 speakers over three days, with a vast range of topics from science to the arts to social and political issues to one-of-a-kind experiences. The newest ideas, brought to you by some of the most interesting people on the planet.

The webcasts have become increasingly popular for those who can’t make it in person. For just $199, you get to see all the presentations as they are happening – and whenever there’s a refreshment or lunch break, that’s when co-host Mary Feely and I come on.  We’ll be interviewing some of the speakers and attendees, offering our own observations, and – most importantly – giving you the opportunity to interact, by posing your questions directly to the speakers. It’s a great chance for you to see and hear, and engage with, an absolutely unique group of thinkers and doers.

Click here to sign up. Why not think about hosting a group of friends?  I hope to meet you online!


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. Vice President, Zoomer Media Ltd. . Author of "The New Old" . 30 years experience in marketing communications, advertising, media . Speaker, writer, commentator on the revolution in aging and how to market to Boomers and seniors

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