The impact of baby boomers on the housing market: did boomers cause a “lost decade” in USA?

The twin lost decades in housing and stocks – baby boomers selling homes to a less affluent young American population. The impact of baby boomers on the housing market. » Dr. Housing Bubble Blog.

A fascinating article that paints a disturbing picture. What I found particularly interesting is how he keeps asking what gives us the right to assume that the future will unfold as did the past?

We can be complacent in Canada, if we want to be – because we haven’t had the same kind of housing melt-down. Nevertheless we do have the same phenomenon of a large generation of boomers selling to a smaller, less affluent generation – so why should we assume prices can only keep going up?


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One thought on “The impact of baby boomers on the housing market: did boomers cause a “lost decade” in USA?”

  1. No one has a crystal ball but when considering real estate you really need to consider the 3 golden rules. 1. Location 2. Location 3 Location. This combined with the basic economic principles of supply and demand really tend to dictate where the market is heading for the foreseeable future. Fair market value will tend to try and even out the playing field. Since when is a balanced market a proportionate ratio of sales to listings a bad thing. It has been a heavily skewed sellers’ market for a very long time which has left many buyers in less than an ideal situation. Not to mention the number of sellers scratching their heads as to where they are going to go if they do sell, will they be able to find the property that they want? I don’t think baby boomers are going to affect the real estate market, I think the real estate market is going to affect the baby boomers. Residential real estate is a local business always has and always will be so know what’s happening in your local market and you will be ahead of the game.

    Adam Linden SRES

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