The Entitled Generation –

The Entitled Generation –

Turns out the entitled generation is the Boomers…at least, in the view of Bill Keller of the New York Times. Here’s the money quote:

“Fellow boomers, we have done more than our share to make this mess. It’s not our fault that there are a lot of us, but we have resisted any move to fix the system. We should make a sensible reform of entitlements our generation’s cause. We should stiffen the spines of our politicians, and push lobby groups like A.A.R.P. to climb out of the bunker and lead. (And, by the way, we should resist the boomer temptation to take every cent of the reform from the pockets of our kids.) We should keep the heat on Congress and the president to double down on the cost-saving provisions in Obamacare.

We may not be the greatest generation, but we are the largest — and we vote. We throw our weight around. What if we threw some of it in the right direction?”

He’ll get some arguments on that, of course. His piece largely ignores the taxes paid by the Boomers to support “the system” – and to me, the let’s-take-on-more-guilt attitude is just plain silly – but then, I often feel that the New York Times inhabits a kind of parallel universe.  Nevertheless, Keller is right that the system, as it now stands, is unsustainable, given ever-longer life spans. (Don’t count on the Boomers readily giving up the money, though.)



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