Why The Screwed Generation Is Turning To Paul Ryan – The Daily Beast

Why The Screwed Generation Is Turning To Paul Ryan – The Daily Beast.

Whatever else it’s done, the selection of Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney’s running mate has brought, right smack dab into the middle of the presidential election, the “age rage” issues I’ve been writing about. Given  that Social Security and Medicare are – as presently structured and funded – financially unsustainable, what’s the fix? How do you modify entitlements going forward? As I wrote in “Beyond Age Rage,” this is a massively important topic – and, as we are about to see, it can certainly be framed as a “war of the generations.”

What’s so interesting about this piece is that Kristen Powers is a Democrat (although mostly to be found on Fox News) and the Daily Beast, part of the Newsweek empire (sic), is blatantly pro-Obama.

But I urge you to read the piece without getting yourself too tangled up in the question of whether Obama-Biden or Romney-Ryan are the “better” ticket. Regardless of your personal leanings, look at the way the issue is framed in this article – and look at the language. Ryan as the first Gen X’er to be on a presidential ticket (true). Ryan as the voice of the younger voters who are tired of being “screwed” by the greedy Boomers. (Which flies in the face of the assumption that Obama has a lock on the younger voters, and that Republican automatically means “old”).

And yet Romney-Ryan apparently polls well among seniors – perhaps because they’ve promised not to touch current entitlements for anyone over 55.

I haven’t dealt much with the US election so far,  but I will certainly be upping the frequency as we get closer to November, especially since the themes of “Beyond Age Rage” now appear to be so pivotal. Stay tuned.


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