Recession Generation Opts to Rent, Not Buy — Houses to Cars

Recession Generation Opts to Rent Not Buy Houses to Cars – Businessweek.

Is it the recession? Is it a redefinition of “age-expected” behaviors (and purchases) that would have happened anyway? Is it the “new normal”?

Whatever the cause – and whenever it will reverse itself (if) – there’s no doubt that the whole topic of what’s “supposed to” happen at various ages, or life stages, is going to continue to change. There’s no  doubt, also, that government policymakers as well as marketers will be relatively slower, rather than faster, to “get” what’s happening.


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. Vice President, Zoomer Media Ltd. . Author of "The New Old" . 30 years experience in marketing communications, advertising, media . Speaker, writer, commentator on the revolution in aging and how to market to Boomers and seniors

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