The kid did WHAT to get mom and dad to pay for tuition?

It’s come to this. A high school senior in New York has sued her own parents to force them to pay her college tuition. She says they kicked her out of the house. Also, they apparently don’t like her boyfriend. They say she’s welcome to live at home if she follows their rules. The kicker? She’s over 18.

So  doesn’t make her an adult? Doesn’t that mean she’s no longer legally a dependent? Not so, argues the girl. Even after the age of 18, it isn’t necessarily true that parents can stop supporting their children. Morally true? Operationally true? Legally true? We’ll see.

The girl has apparently been admitted, with some scholarship fund support, to the University of Vermont, William Paterson University, Lynn University and Wells College. But according to her lawsuit, she still couldn’t afford it without parental help or serious borrowing.

The people who should be angriest about this are the Millennials. In the wake of Pajama Boy, do they really need more idiots trashing their already-shaky brand?

Watch the girl demand that the parents pay not only the tuition, but also her legal bills.



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