Shocker: Millennials don’t trust government (or any other big institution)

Baby Boomers and seniors are supposed to have a monopoly on distrust of big institutions. We’ve experienced decades of being lied to, watching grandiose ideas fail abysmally in the real world, etc., etc.  But the younger generations still Believe…right? Not so fast.

A poll released by Harvard’s Institute of Politics reveals that Millennials (defined by the pollsters as people aged 18 to 19), have less trust in government than ever before. According to the poll, they…

…have lost trust in a variety of different major public institutions including the President, the military, Congress, the Supreme Court,and the federal government as a whole. Of all the institutions tracked by the poll, the President and the military lost the most trust among young Americans with a seven point drop. Overall, the pollsters said the level of trust millennials have in “most American institutions tested in our survey” had dropped below even “last year’s historically low numbers.” 

Here are the numbers:trust box chart


The results are wonderfully encouraging. Maybe we are slowly moving toward a society which demands results and accountability, and is willing to judge by outcomes and not “feel-good” rationalization.

Read the full report here.


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