Teens abandoning Facebook: could the Boomers wind up being the most reliable social media market?

When Facebook was growing like wild fire, the Boomers were widely ridiculed (especially by youngish digital media buyers) for being slow to adapt. But now, it seems, Facebook is losing the teens. If this keeps going, Facebook’s audience will get older and older…and wouldn’t that be a delicious irony?

Of course, the whole social media phenomenon may be undergoing a healthy adjustment. Once you get over the “coolness” of a new site or app and start to pay attention to whether its adherents (a) have any actual money and therefore (b) represent an important market to go after, it’s obvious that the younger users are less valuable than the older. “Coolness” for its own sake doesn’t equate to sales or market share.

Here’s what is happening to Facebook:  Understanding Facebook’s Lost Generation of Teens | Fast Company | Business + Innovation.


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