The march of the MOOCs continues; The Economist says “they are more likely to prosper than fade.”

I’ve been writing about the digital threat to universities for a long time now. It’s good to see The Economist covering the topic. In an excellent summary of the current state of play, they conclude: “Since the first wave of massive online courses launched in 2012, a backlash has focused on their failures and commercial uncertainties. Yet if critics think they are immune to the march of the MOOC, they are almost certainly wrong. Whereas online courses can quickly adjust their content and delivery mechanisms, universities are up against serious cost and efficiency problems, with little chance of taking more from the public purse.” As for the MOOCs, “…as an alternative to an overstretched, expensive model of higher education, they are more likely to prosper than fade.”

Read the whole piece here: The future of universities: The digital degree | The Economist.


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