Surprise! Over a third of Millennials didn’t need their BA for the first job they wound up getting.

Not that we need more proof, but a new study shows that a huge percentage of Millennials are overqualified for the jobs they eventually get. A new survey found that 35% of Millennials with a BA reported that their first job didn’t require a degree. This is in keeping with a study last year, that found that the number of university grads entering the workforce would be more than double the jobs available that require at least a bachelor’s degree. Toss in student debt (already larger, and growing faster, than credit card debt) and it’s no surprise that more and more Millennials are settling for those lesser jobs, simply because they need the cash.

And where does that lead? Right back to the universities, who will find it harder and harder to justify sky-high tuition fees (fueled by bloated administrative costs and too many irrelevant programs).

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