Yes, you can get into US university without knowing who won the Civil War. Here’s the shocking proof…

A group of students at Texas Tech — taking such majors as psychology, nursing, and human sciences — were unable to answer the question, “Who won the Civil War?” In fact, one student responded, “Who was even in it?” The embarrassing results are there for all to see on video, and I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Click here to read about it and see the video for yourself.

And it gets worse. They also didn’t know the name of the country from which America gained its independence. And only one could name the current Vice President. (One asked, “Is this a trick question?”)

Yet all of them knew what TV show Snookie is on. And every single one could name Brad Pitt’s current wife and ex.

Now I what some of you will say – these videos can (and no doubt are) edited to show extreme results. No doubt many students did know who won the Civil War, and could instantly name the Veep, and also grasped that American had gained its independence from Britain. And all such results were left, as they used to say in the old days of real film, on the cutting-room floor. Only the hilarious losers were selected, assembled into one three-minute sequence, and shipped up to YouTube.

OK, fine — but so what? The idea that there could be even one single American-born student pursuing a post-secondary degree at a bona fide American university who doesn’t know who won the Civil War, can’t name the country from which America won its independence, and can’t name the sitting Vice President, is ridiculous. The  fact that they’re all up on who’s in the cast of Jersey Shore only makes it worse.

These folks will shell out between $65,000 and $100,000 (depending on whether they’re in-state or out of state residents) and walk away with a real live university degree.

And it’s the Baby Boomers fault  for not retiring on schedule to make room in the workplace for this.




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