Coming next: Radical rest homes. “Old people should live everywhere.”

It’s no longer hot news that the housing industry is re-thinking retirement homes. New designs, more services and features, a blend of tech and luxury…it’s all hitting the market. But here’s an alternative thought…

What if the whole idea of putting older people into an “institution” — even a lavish one — is flawed? What if the older people, instead of being consumers of what someone else has built, take matters into their own hands and organically  build their own  micro-communities where they can age alongside their friends? The idea may not be so-far fetched, according to this very interesting report on the CBC. 

I think the answer is: all of the above. The sheer size of the “aging” population means that no one solution will win the day. And clearly, the more responsibility older folks take for creating their living spaces, the more active and engaged they are…which in turn promotes even more longevity.


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