A Millennial gives my generation some heartfelt advice: “Hurry up and die, you old faggots”

On November 2, 2013, I posted a video to my YouTube channel – an edited version of my appearance on The Zoomer, ZoomerMedia’s public affairs show hosted by Conrad Black, in which I engaged in a spirited dialogue with other panelists who were Millennials. The discussion was lively, but in the main, respectful, and I posted it to YouTube because I thought some folks might appreciate the give-and-take.

You can see for yourself right here. 

I’m gratified to report it has garnered over 46,000 views to date. I’m less thrilled to report a high percentage of mindless insults. Even making allowance for the Wild West nature of the Internet, I was surprised at seeing so much visceral antagonism toward the Baby Boomer generation. Here’s just a small sampling (with typos left in place):

  • From Ross Otto — “Hurry up and die, you old faggots”
  • From Nuff — “starting life at 30 is unacceptable. we dont life long enough to pend 30 fucking years not doing shit. thats longer than most thing live period, we don’t need that much education to work. we need old people to die off, we need less people period..”
  • From Noah Namey – “Someone down below stated that there’s a “special place in hell for baby boomers”. And I certainly hope not. I want a mundane place in hell for them. Haven’t they had enough unwarranted notoriety?”
  • From Alejandro Ilizaliturri – “The Baby Boomer complaining about paying for education… Younger generations pay for Boomer’s pensions and healthcare, along with other benefits.”
  • From Ty Davis – “As lazy and entitled goes, no one can top the boomers. They were handed a red hot economy, the cost of a home, vehicle and raising a family was proportionately much less onerous than now and let’s not forget that they INVENTED being a hippy.”
  • From fizicsmcmanus – “Do not forget about The Silent Generation, they are to Baby Boomers what Generation X is to Y. They had a huge hand in shipping jobs overseas, it’s not all the Boomers fault though they both suck tremendously. Being from Generation X, we have had to serve Boomers all our lives in menial roles, bowing and scraping and being grateful for any scraps. Then they discovered outsourcing and you Millennials didn’t stand a chance after that, we X’ers are in the same boat only we had more time to prepare. I always knew they were going to pull the rug out from underneath us.”

It’s even worse in another video I posted to YouTube. I responded to the popular Millennial video, “We suck and we’re sorry,” by doing a mini-rant against what I thought was that video’s faux-ironic embrace of loser-hood. You can see the original video here. And my rant here.

This one has racked up 30,000 views so far, and an even greater number of insults, such as these beauties (again, with typos left in place):

  • From Sage Atallah — “You boomers are the worst and most selfish generation in all of history. George Carlin was completely right about your kind.”
  • From Miyamoto Musashi — “Most of you boomers contributed nothing, you just took. Baby boomers deflect, ignore and sanctiomious.”
  • And from Miyamoto Musashi again — “You boomers sound like war criminals.”
  • From Phoenix Rising — “SO typical of ‘boomer’ hypocrisy. Your generation took consumption to a whole new level and yet you point your boney old fingers down from your gold plated thrones and cattily insult and deride ‘millenials’.”
  • From TonyKingOfTheOzone — “Typical baby boomer, We need cash. That’s all I had to hear. die slowly.”
  • From fizicsmcmanus, who doesn’t like me any better on this video than on the other one — “The most self-absorbed generation alive and worse by far than the Millenials. What’s left of America will breathe a collective sigh of relief when your worthless generation’s fingernails are pried loose from this mortal coil.”

What’s striking about these comments, aside from the extremes of emotion, is that  they’re all trying to win and argument I wasn’t making. I was describing a situation — the Boomers still control the marketplace, and are not retiring “on schedule” at 65 — and from that description, suggesting that the Millennials might want to consider an alternative strategy to the wry celebration of their own helplessness. Can any reasonable person think this isn’t so? Does  anyone suggest that the Boomers do not, in fact, have the purchasing power they do? Or that they are retiring in droves instead of continuing to work long past 65? Or that they aren’t living longer than previous generations? Does anyone think that the “We suck and we’re sorry” video — as humorous as it is and as well done as it is (you can’t argue with 3 million views) represents an approach that will actually accomplish anything?

To be fair, there is evidence that many in the Millennial generation are indeed rising to what is undoubtedly a challenging environment. More are seeking out job-relevant training, and the surge of interest in community colleges continues, at the expense of the squishy liberal arts. New and better marketing research also reveals considerable segmentation among the Millennials, with large blocs of hard-nosed realists, money savers, and Type A workaholics who could give lessons to the Boomers.

It’s going to be interesting to see how it all unfolds. My bet is that the Millennials will (eventually) be just fine.

And as for all the venom, I suppose if you have nothing you  say, you might as well say it extravagantly. Bring on the insults! Make me smile!


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. Vice President, Zoomer Media Ltd. . Author of "The New Old" . 30 years experience in marketing communications, advertising, media . Speaker, writer, commentator on the revolution in aging and how to market to Boomers and seniors

2 thoughts on “A Millennial gives my generation some heartfelt advice: “Hurry up and die, you old faggots””

  1. The hostility of the Millennials baffles me. While we certainly didn’t agree with our parents in the Greatest Generation and the Silent Generation, we considered them harmless old fogies to be humoured rather than enemies in need of whole scale slaughter. I’d enjoy reading your thoughts on WHY this animosity exists. What has made them so angry? Why do they harbour such intensely negative attitudes toward their parents and grandparents? Are they just your run-of-the-mill immature youths who’ve yet to learn they have to earn their way, or is there something profoundly, disturbingly wrong with them?

  2. Dear worthless civilian scum,

    I am the one that said ,“Hurry up and die, you old faggots”. First off, let me say, that i was being facetious. However, like any good troll, there is a grain of truth to my hate speech. The word faggot is a very old word used to describe the burden on society that the elderly created. Recently, it was coined by the Baby boomers to describe the burden on society the homosexual community supposedly created.

    The propagation of the species: The way in which our species procreates is a complicated and dynamic process, but not so complicated that we cant study it. World war 1 and world war 2 occurred in such frequency and affected so many people, that it actually affected our breeding cycles. Usually neighboring civilizations would naturally oscillate these breeding cycles to ease the strain of limited resources. After the dust settled from the wars, the stage was set for a spectacular generation to be born in perfect conditions to thrive.

    Enter, the Baby Boomers: After WW2, those veterans got back, retired early, drank a lot, and had about 79 million kids within 20 years. the Baby Boomers had virtually no opposition. Every market was open and seemingly endless. They had access to every institution without the greatest generation their to stop them. This is why we see baby boomer senators and governors running unopposed for 50 years straight. This is also reflected in the incarceration rates between generations.

    The Good: The baby boomers have made unbelievable advancements in pharmacology, computer sciences, quantum mechanics, bio-chemistry, and the list goes on. Without the baby boomers, my whole generation would be a lot stupider.

    The Bad: The boomers have collected the most wealth in human history. They made cooperations people with all the same rights you do. They made money akin to and protected by the 1st amendment. Cooperations use money to speak. the more money, the louder the speech. The boomers also deregulated the private sector, and blatantly used their massive wealth to corrupt the government.

    The Ugly: In spite of all the good and bad the boomers did, the most unforgivable things the boomers did was; irreparable damage to the environment for slightly more money, willful ignorance and treating facts as if they were optional, and the blatant disregard for the American Constitution.

    The boomers had the potential to be the greatest generation but instead collectively and continuously chose greed and selfishness over the greater good. Killing all the baby boomers would fix a lot of problems that they themselves created. The truth is that the boomers raised the biggest bunch of effeminate, disillusioned, pussies in history. It would be impossible for the millennials to change anything since they don’t believe anything is worth fighting for. Killing all the boomers would be the easy way, and the millennials nepotism is so bad, that taking the easy way is too hard. The millennial nepotism is so bad that the U.S. Constitution isn’t even a viable ideology for them.

    I was asked,”What has made them so angry? Why do they harbor such intensely negative attitudes toward their parents and grandparents? Are they just your run-of-the-mill immature youths who’ve yet to learn they have to earn their way, or is there something profoundly, disturbingly wrong with them?”.
    Ill tell you what my fucking problem is. My country is full of pieces of shit that don’t deserve to live here. I have served my country and was medically separated due to injuries received while on active duty.

    To boomers or millennials alike. If you are not willing to sacrifice yourself and fight for the constitution, get the fuck out of my country.

    semper fi,

    ross otto

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