Campus “diversity” in action: 38 ways the left enjoys “privilege”

In a world where it’s commonplace for universities to employ “diversity” officers — indeed, entire departments — it’s important to note that diversity does not include political points of view.

The left wins. In fact, it is not even a “point of view” — it has become Received Wisdom, the established and untouchable “narrative” that pervades every aspect of teaching and learning.

Why is this bad? This blog takes no position on the underlying merits of a relatively left-wing or relatively right-wing analysis of society, or prescription as to what policies or programs would be best. So I’m not arguing against the all-pervasive leftism on the grounds that it is “wrong.”

What’s wrong is the closing of debate, and the protecting of students from the need to confront and analyze contrary positions. As we’ve seen, this reaches levels of idiocy that include “trigger warnings” for just about any difficult material, and “safe rooms” in which the poor dears can sanctuary from ideas that may challenge their beliefs. That this Orwellian process should be occurring at institutions which at one time were vigorous and unafraid guardians of intellectual openness, is amazing — and depressing. It’s no surprise that it produces graduates — particularly in the humanities — who are totally ill-equipped to deal with the real world.

How bad is it? Read this. The fact that it was printed in TIME, hardly the center of right-wing thinking, is instructive.

38 Ways College Students Enjoy ‘Left-Wing Privilege’ on Campus | TIME.



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