Too many old people: Japan has aged out of its economic miracle

We’re always excited about longevity and the “reinvention” of aging here at this blog, but that doesn’t mean we’re blind to the problems. If the population is too concentrated among the older groups, it can be a recipe for disaster, as Japan is apparently proving.

Japan Has Aged Out of its Economic Miracle – IEEE Spectrum

Never mind 65-plus, by 2050 Japan’s over-80 population will outnumber its children.  I’m not sure they’ll all be helpless and dependent. The youngest would only be 45 today, and they’re likely to benefit from at least some of the trends in health and longevity and the social/cultural/attitudinal redefinition of “old age.” Even so, the imbalance will be extreme — and certainly enough to inhibit economic growth, which is the thrust of this article. (Mind you, by 2050 today’s Millennials will themselves be pushing 60, and it will be interesting to see what reinvention they’ve undertaken.)

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