“Beyond Age Rage”


You’ve read the headlines; you’ve seen and heard the inflammatory language. The greedy boomers refusing to get out of the way. The hapless millennials struggling to find a footing. A crisis in pensions. A crisis in jobs. A crisis in education. Old against young…But is that the true story? In my new book, I dissect the apparent “war” — and come to some conclusions you may find surprising.

You can find Beyond Age Rage on Amazon.

“Some would have it that we’re on the brink of a ‘War of the Generations’. They read about soaring health care costs and prepare to enlist. Well, I wish everyone would just calm down! Before we’re dragged into some unnecessary nastiness, I advise us all to read David’s book to get a better sense of how we’re all in this together.”

Moses Znaimer, Founder and CEO, ZoomerMedia Limited, Toronto, Ontario

“A must read for academics, business executives, political pundits, policy wonks — for anyone concerned about the future social health and economic viability of Western nations.”

Brent Green, Author of Marketing to Leading-edge Baby Boomers and Generation Reinvention, Denver, Colorado

“David Cravit has done it again. Following the publication of The New Old, he analyzes a time of revolutionary change in a realistic, reflective and sometimes provocative way for readers of all ages, positions, and stripes.”

Luanne Whitmarsh, CEO, Kerby Centre, Calgary, Alberta

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