You’ve read the headlines; you’ve seen and heard the inflammatory language. The greedy boomers refusing to get out of the way. The hapless millennials struggling to find a footing. A crisis in pensions. A crisis in jobs. A crisis in education. Old against young…But is that the true story? In my new book, I dissect the apparent “war” — and come to some conclusions you may find surprising.

You can find Beyond Age Rage on Amazon.

“Some would have it that we’re on the brink of a ‘War of the Generations’. They read about soaring health care costs and prepare to enlist. Well, I wish everyone would just calm down! Before we’re dragged into some unnecessary nastiness, I advise us all to read David’s book to get a better sense of how we’re all in this together.”

Moses Znaimer, Founder and CEO, ZoomerMedia Limited, Toronto, Ontario

“A must read for academics, business executives, political pundits, policy wonks — for anyone concerned about the future social health and economic viability of Western nations.”

Brent Green, Author of Marketing to Leading-edge Baby Boomers and Generation Reinvention, Denver, Colorado

“David Cravit has done it again. Following the publication of The New Old, he analyzes a time of revolutionary change in a realistic, reflective and sometimes provocative way for readers of all ages, positions, and stripes.”

Luanne Whitmarsh, CEO, Kerby Centre, Calgary, Alberta


Picture-1 Everybody talks about the “aging of the population” but most of the talk is about numbers.  What’s miss is the qualitative story: it’s not that there are more “older people” out there.  It’s that they are not the same as the older people of any previous generation.

Focusing on the Baby Boomer generation, this argument explores how this group is permanently destroying previous attitudes toward aging, retirement, senior citizens, and even the concept of death. An analysis of welfare rates and health-care costs demonstrates that the “Boomers” are influencing everything from education and employment to housing, health, beauty, and sex. With solid statistical support, this groundbreaking study takes a closer look at new kinds of social relationships as well as new products that can reduce or even eliminate the effects of aging. The topics covered offer a sneak preview of an imminently new society—one in which receiving a gold watch at the age of 65 will simply mean the first half of life is over.

You can buy the book on

“A 30-year advertising veteran presents a strong case for why marketers need to put Baby Boomers back on their radar screens.”—Direct  Marketing News

“David Cravit is a world class expert on the 50+ marketplace.  He is an extraordinary author and speaker on this most important emerging psycho-economic sector.” —Scientific Intelligence

“David Cravit’s The New Old demonstrates how the Baby Boomers’ simple act of refusing to age in the same old way — detachment, decline, death — is creating a revolution in everything from health, to finance, to travel, to employment, to housing, to education, to culture, and of course, to beauty, fashion and, yes, sex… Cravit offers up a fascinating predictive window on the new society that lies just ahead.  It shows marketing and media professionals, policy makers, researchers, think-tanks, non-profits and savvy, aware individuals how the Boomers are becoming Zoomers, and why aging will never be the same again.” —Moses Znaimer, Founder and CEO, ZoomerMedia Limited, Toronto

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