“The Chalkening” Part 2 – Now DePaul University bans all political chalking

I suppose it was inevitable. After all, someone’s got to protect the poor dears.

Source: DePaul says no more political chalking in response to pro-Trump messages

The school decided that some pro-Trump chalk messages were “offensive, hurtful and divisive.” So now all chalk messaging is banned. Read the full article and see the tortuous, legalistic hairsplitting through which the university justifies this decision.

Sample: “As a 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit organization, the university is significantly limited in the types of political activities it can promote or support. In accordance with federal regulations, DePaul may not engage in any activity in support of or opposition to any candidate for public office, federal, state or local. In practice, this means no partisan political advertising may be conducted on campus that could in any way be attributed to DePaul University.”

Federal regulations? Are they serious? Evidently so.

It would be interesting to learn what the DePaul administration thinks is going to happen to its grads once they hit the real world.

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