It’s come to this: 5’9″ white guy tells U of Washington students he identifies as a 6’5″ Chinese woman and their reaction is…

I keep thinking this is finally it – the topic of university goofiness must be exhausted; there can’t be anything sillier left to see. Then along comes a video like this.

I’m really beginning to think that, in cold-blooded marketing terms, a whole new cohort is emerging — not Millennials in general, but Millennials who were liberal arts undergrads in the USA between 2012 and 2016. There must be a lot of them – and they will definitely need a whole different approach to marketing communications.

Watch here as they struggle to tell a 5′ 9″ white guy that he isn’t a 6′ 5″ Chinese woman. After all, if he identifies as a 6′ 5″ Chinese woman, who are they to say he’s wrong? Yes – “identify as” has come to this.

I think this has all kinds of marketing potential for a whole new generation of consumers. I identify as a Porsche driver even though I can only afford a Honda Civic. I identify as a new parent even though I’m childless (maybe I even buy diapers and baby food). I identify as a wine connoisseur even as I sip Two Buck Chuck…

All it needs is a name and it could become a whole new school of thought. Maybe Delusional Marketing. I think it could have a real future


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